Question: How to connect to Redis server?


To connect to a Redis server, you can use the redis-cli command-line interface tool that comes with Redis.

Here are the steps to connect to a Redis server:

  1. Open a terminal or command-line prompt.

  2. Type redis-cli in the command line and press Enter. If Redis is running on the same machine, it will connect to the default Redis server localhost on port 6379.

  1. If your Redis server is running on a different host or port, you can specify it using the -h and -p options respectively.
redis-cli -h -p 6380
  1. If you need to authenticate to access the Redis server, you can use the -a option followed by the password.
redis-cli -h -p 6380 -a mypassword

After connecting to the Redis server, you can start executing Redis commands such as SET, GET, HSET, HGETALL, and many others.

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