Question: How much does AWS ElastiCache cost?


AWS ElastiCache pricing varies based on the node type, engine, and region. The pricing model is pay-as-you-go, meaning that you only pay for what you use. There are two types of charges associated with ElastiCache - cache node usage and data transfer.

Cache Node Usage: The cache node usage charges are based on the number and type of nodes that you use. The following are the node types available in ElastiCache:

  1. Redis:
    1. Cache.t2.micro
    2. Cache.t2.small
    3. Cache.t2.medium
    4. Cache.t2.large
    5. Cache.m4.large
    6. Cache.m4.xlarge
    7. Cache.m4.2xlarge
    8. Cache.m4.4xlarge
    9. Cache.m4.10xlarge
    10. Cache.m5.large
    11. Cache.m5.xlarge
    12. Cache.m5.2xlarge
    13. Cache.m5.4xlarge
    14. Cache.m5.12xlarge
    15. Cache.r4.large
    16. Cache.r4.xlarge
    17. Cache.r4.2xlarge
    18. Cache.r4.4xlarge
    19. Cache.r4.8xlarge
    20. Cache.r4.16xlarge
  2. Memcached:
    1. Cache.t2.micro
    2. Cache.t2.small
    3. Cache.t2.medium
    4. Cache.t2.large
    5. Cache.m3.medium
    6. Cache.m3.large
    7. Cache.m3.xlarge
    8. Cache.m3.2xlarge
    9. Cache.m4.large
    10. Cache.m4.xlarge
    11. Cache.m4.2xlarge
    12. Cache.m4.4xlarge
    13. Cache.m4.10xlarge
    14. Cache.m5.large
    15. Cache.m5.xlarge
    16. Cache.m5.2xlarge
    17. Cache.m5.4xlarge
    18. Cache.m5.12xlarge

The pricing for the various node types can be found on the AWS website.

Data Transfer: The data transfer charges are based on the amount of data transferred in and out of the ElastiCache cluster. Data transfer charges vary by region and are typically free within the same availability zone.

In addition to these charges, there may be additional charges for other services used in conjunction with ElastiCache, such as Amazon VPC or AWS Direct Connect.

To get an estimate of the cost of using ElastiCache, you can use the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

Here's an example of how to calculate the cost:

Suppose you're running a Redis cache with a cache.m4.large node in the US East (N. Virginia) region. The cache is active for 730 hours per month, and the total data transfer in and out of the cache is 1 terabyte (TB).

The hourly rate for a cache.m4.large instance is $0.153. So the monthly cost for the cache node usage would be:

$0.153 * 730 = $111.69

The data transfer cost would depend on the region and amount of data transferred. Assuming the cache is located in the US East (N. Virginia) region, the cost would be:

$0.01 per GB * 1000 GB = $10

So the total monthly cost for the ElastiCache instance would be:

$111.69 + $10 = $121.69
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