Question: How can you deploy Redis Enterprise on Azure?


Deploying Redis Enterprise on Microsoft Azure involves creating a Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription and then setting up your database. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Redis Enterprise Cloud subscription

Go to the Redis Labs’ Azure portal here and follow the instructions to create a new subscription.

  1. Set Up your Database

After creating your subscription, setup your database.

Here's the step-by-step guide:

- In the Redis Enterprise Software admin console, go to databases. - Click 'New Database'. - Choose the name of your database. - Specify the memory limit. - Choose other settings as per your needs such as replication, persistence, and eviction policy. - Click 'Activate' to create the database.
  1. Connect to your Database

Use the endpoint provided in the connection details to connect to your database.

A sample Python code for connecting to your database could look like this:

import redis r = redis.Redis( host='hostname', port=port, password='password') r.set('foo', 'bar') value = r.get('foo') print(value)

Remember to replace 'hostname', 'port', and 'password' with your actual connection parameters.

Please note that some steps might vary depending on specific requirements and configurations. Always refer to the official Redis Labs documentation for the most accurate information.

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