Question: Is ElastiCache NoSQL?


Yes, ElastiCache is a NoSQL database caching service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Specifically, it supports two popular in-memory key-value NoSQL databases: Redis and Memcached.

Both Redis and Memcached are designed to store and retrieve data in a key-value format without enforcing any particular schema. They are optimized for read-heavy workloads and can offer fast access times due to their in-memory nature. Redis, in addition to the key-value functionality, provides additional data structures like lists, sets, and hashes, making it more versatile than Memcached.

ElastiCache allows users to set up and manage clusters of Redis or Memcached nodes using AWS's infrastructure. It provides features like automatic scaling, backup and restore, and multi-AZ deployment for increased reliability and fault tolerance. ElastiCache also integrates with other AWS services like EC2 and RDS for seamless integration into existing cloud architectures.

In summary, ElastiCache is a NoSQL caching service that supports both Redis and Memcached databases.

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