Question: Is Redis Cloud free?


Yes, Redis Cloud offers a free plan, but it also provides various paid subscription plans to cater to different use cases and requirements. The free plan is a great way to start experimenting with Redis Cloud and understand how its features can help in application development.

Free Plan Features

  • Limited Memory: The free plan typically offers a small amount of memory, enough to test basic applications or small projects.
  • Limited Throughput: There may be limits on the number of operations per second.
  • No SLA: The free tier usually does not come with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), meaning less guaranteed uptime compared to paid plans.
  • Community Support: Access to community support only, instead of dedicated support services.

Paid Plans

For users needing more resources or specific features like enhanced security, dedicated infrastructure, higher throughput, or an SLA guarantee, upgrading to a paid plan is necessary. Paid plans offer:

  • More Memory and Higher Throughput: To handle larger applications and workloads.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Such as VPC peering, encryption-in-transit, and more.
  • Dedicated Resources: Ensuring that your applications run smoothly without being affected by other users.
  • Premium Support: Access to dedicated support services.


Redis Cloud's free plan is an excellent starting point for developers new to Redis or those running small projects. However, as your project grows or requires more robust features, considering a paid plan becomes essential. Always review the latest offerings directly on the Redis Cloud website, as the specifics of plans and features can change.

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