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Question: Is RPG Maker a game engine?


Yes, RPG Maker is a game engine specifically designed for the creation of 2D role-playing games (RPGs). It provides a user-friendly interface and a set of tools that allow developers, especially those without extensive programming knowledge, to create their own games. RPG Maker uses an event-driven approach where in-game characters, story progression, and environmental interactions are controlled using "events" that can be easily configured through the software's graphical user interface.

As an example of its functionality, here's a basic illustration of how you might set up an event in RPG Maker MV or MZ, the most recent versions:

// Create a new event in the RPG Maker map editor. // Set its trigger to 'Action Button'. // In the 'Event Commands': 1. Show Text: "Welcome to our town!" 2. Show Choices: ["Buy Items", "Rest at Inn"] 3. If "Buy Items" is selected, Open Shop Processing with predefined items. 4. If "Rest at Inn" is selected, Change gold by: -50 (if the player has enough gold) Fadeout Screen Recover All: Entire Party Fadein Screen Show Text: "You feel rested!"

This simple example demonstrates the logic flow and decision-making capabilities within RPG Maker without writing any actual code, although scripting is possible for more advanced customization using JavaScript in RPG Maker MV and MZ.

The RPG Maker series has evolved over the years, offering various versions like RPG Maker XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, and MZ, each introducing new features and improvements over its predecessors. These include enhanced resolution support, side-view battle systems, and expanded scripting capabilities. The community surrounding RPG Maker is also very active, providing resources, tutorials, and plugins to help customize and enhance game projects.

In conclusion, RPG Maker serves as both a game development tool and an engine, enabling creators to bring their RPG visions to life with relative ease.

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