Question: What Game Engine Does Last Epoch Use?


Last Epoch is an action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games. As for the game engine used to create Last Epoch, the developers utilized Unity. Unity is a versatile and widely-used game engine that allows for both 2D and 3D game development. It is popular among indie developers and larger studios alike due to its ease of use, extensive documentation, and a robust asset store.

Using Unity, developers can take advantage of various features like:

  • Cross-platform development: Unity supports a wide range of platforms, which makes it easier to release the game on multiple systems.
  • Asset pipeline: Importing assets from various sources is streamlined in Unity, whether they're textures, models, animations, or audio files.
  • Scripting: Unity uses C# for scripting, which is a powerful, well-supported programming language that provides a good balance between ease of use and performance.
  • Community and support: Unity has a large community and plenty of tutorials, documentation, and third-party tools, making it an accessible choice for teams of all sizes.
  • Graphics: Unity's rendering system allows for creating visually appealing games, and it supports both DirectX and OpenGL.
  • Physics: Unity comes with a built-in physics engine, which is useful for creating realistic game mechanics.

Developers at Eleventh Hour Games would have likely chosen Unity for some or all these reasons to develop Last Epoch, aiming to make the most of its rich feature set to deliver their vision of the game.

// Example of a simple Unity C# script that could be used in a game like Last Epoch for a character's health system using UnityEngine; public class HealthSystem : MonoBehaviour { public int maxHealth = 100; private int currentHealth; void Start() { // Initialize health when the game starts currentHealth = maxHealth; } public void TakeDamage(int damage) { // Subtract damage from current health but do not go below zero currentHealth -= damage; currentHealth = Mathf.Max(0, currentHealth); if (currentHealth <= 0) { Die(); } } private void Die() { // Handle the character's death here Debug.Log( + " has died."); } }

This code snippet above shows how you might implement a basic health system in a Unity game, using C# for scripting. While "Last Epoch" has more complex systems, this gives a glimpse into the process of game development within the Unity environment.

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