Question: What game engine does Legends of Runeterra use?


Legends of Runeterra, a card game developed and published by Riot Games was made in Unity.

Unity is a popular choice for many game developers because of its versatility, user-friendly interface, and strong support for cross-platform development. If Legends of Runeterra was developed with Unity, the development process might involve using Unity's editor for designing levels, creating interactions, and scripting gameplay elements.

Here's an example of how a card game mechanic could be scripted in Unity using C#:

public class Card { public string cardName; public int attack; public int health; public void PlayCard() { // Code to play the card } } public class Player { public List<Card> hand; public void DrawCard(Card card) { hand.Add(card); // Additional code for drawing a card } }

This simple code snippet defines a Card class with basic properties and a PlayCard method for playing the card. The Player class has a method DrawCard to simulate drawing a card from the deck into the player's hand.

In Unity, you would also use the built-in physics and animation systems to handle the visual representation and interactions of cards, such as dragging and dropping them onto the playing field.

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