Top 15 VR Game Engines Compared

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Unity Logo
2005 // 2D + 3D //
C#mobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arRoyalty ($1M+)25.8m-
Unreal Engine Logo
1998 // 2D + 3D //
C++, Blueprintmobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arRoyalty ($1M+)33.8m-
Flax Engine Logo
2018 // 2D + 3D //
C#, C++desktop, console, mobile, vr, arRoyalty ($250k+) 369.0k5.1k
Stride Logo
2015 // 2D + 3D //
C#mobile, desktop, console, vrFree365.7k5.8k
PlayCanvas Logo
2011 // 2D + 3D //
JavaScriptbrowser, mobile, desktop, vr, arFreemium362.1k8.8k
Armory Logo
2D + 3D //
Haxedesktop, mobile, console, browser, vrFree346.3k2.9k
CryEngine Logo
2002 // 3D //
C++, C#desktop, console, vrRoyalty431.3k-
CopperCube Logo
2D + 3D //
JavaScript, ActionScriptmobile, desktop, browser, vrFreemium330.1k-
A-Frame Logo
2015 // 3D
JavaScript, HTMLbrowser, vrFree222.4k15.9k
Javadesktop, browser, vrFree39.4k3.6k
Evergine Logo
2D + 3D //
C#, C++mobile, desktop, console, browser, vr, arSaaS47.0k-
Pascalmobile, desktop, browser, vrFree36.9k799
AppGameKit Logo
2011 // 2D + 3D //
AppGameKit Script, C++mobile, desktop, console, vrFlat Fee31.5k-
Intrinsic Logo
C++desktop, vrFree4-1.0k
Spartan Engine Logo
Spartan Engine
3D //
C++desktop, console, vrFree4-1.9k
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