DragonflyDB 2022 In Review

2022 saw the emergence of a new technology and database project, Dragonfly, as well as the founding of a new company (DragonflyDB) to shepherd and evolve it.

December 30, 2022

DragonflyDB 2022 In Review

2022 saw the emergence of a new technology and database project (Dragonfly) as well as the founding of a new company (DragonflyDB) to shepard and evolve it. As this exciting year comes to a close, we'd like to look back on the progress we’ve made in 2022 as well as thank everyone in the community who helped make it possible.

From code to product

At the beginning of 2022, Dragonfly was little more than an idea with the beginning of a codebase aimed at making that idea a reality. The idea was to rethink what an in-memory datastore should look and behave like, with the goal of building something significantly more performant and easier to scale than Redis. Today Dragonfly is a real product that supports a wide variety of use cases. That progress was made through a lot of contributors shipping a lot of code.

Commands SupportedData StructuresLines Of Code
January 202216Strings only22,100
December 2022196Strings, HMAP, SET, LIST,
Sorted Set, JSON

From solo to project

At the beginning of 2022 Dragonfly was a private project that no one had ever heard of with exactly one contributor: me. We made the project public on May 31st and since then everything has changed. The community that quickly formed made it clear that we were far from alone in our desire for a better in-memory datastore. Today Dragonfly is a blossoming community project with over 16,000 Github stars, over 40 contributors, and a growing Discord community.

StarsContributorsDiscord Members
January 2022010
December 202216.4K41283

From project to company

I knew early on that in order to succeed in my goal of building the most performant in-memory datastore on the market, I would also need to found a company to shepherd the project. Databases are technically challenging and require a lot of resources to build as well as to take to market in a way that can adequately serve a wide array of customers.In 2022 I co-founded DragonflyDB with Oded Poncz and since then a small but mighty team has formed to grow the project and serve DragonflyDB customers.

EmployeesCountriesLanguages Spoken
January 2022012
December 2022947

Once again, thank you to everyone in the Dragonfly community who helped make 2022 a great year and the start of something very exciting. We can’t wait for even bigger and better things in 2023.

Thank you for your support!


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