Checking Memcached Version in PHP (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

Checking the version of Memcached in your PHP environment can be important for debugging or ensuring compatibility between different systems. This could be useful when you're upgrading systems, troubleshooting issues, or planning system integration.

Code Examples

In PHP, to get the version of Memcached, you first need to connect to the server and then use the getVersion() method. Here's a simple example:

<?php $memcache = new Memcached(); $memcache->addServer('localhost', 11211); $version = $memcache->getVersion(); echo "MemCached version: "; print_r($version); ?>

This code will output the version of the Memcached server running on 'localhost' at port 11211. The getVersion() function returns an associative array where the server's address is the key and the corresponding value is the version of memcached running on that server.

Best Practices

  • Always check if the connection is successful before trying to get the version.
  • Regularly update your Memcached server and PHP client library to leverage the latest features and improvements.
  • Handle exceptions properly to avoid exposing sensitive data.

Common Mistakes

  • Not installing or enabling the Memcached extension in PHP. Without this, the Memcached class won't be available.
  • Trying to get the version without establishing a connection with the server.


  1. What to do if I cannot connect to the Memcached server? Ensure that the server is running and that you are connecting to the correct IP address and port. Also, make sure that your network allows traffic on the Memcached port (default is 11211).

  2. What if the Memcached version is not displayed? If no version information is returned, it could mean that the connection to the server was not successful. Check your server address and port. Also, ensure that the Memcached service is running on the server.

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