PHP Redis: Get Number of Connections (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

  1. Monitoring server performance and connection utilization: This can help in proactively managing potential issues and optimizing server performance.
  2. Load balancing: By understanding the number of active connections, you can distribute requests more evenly across multiple servers to improve application responsiveness.

Code Examples

In PHP, you can use the info method from the Redis class to get details about the Redis server, including the number of connections. Here's how:

$redis = new Redis(); $redis->connect('', 6379); $info = $redis->info(); $connections = $info['connected_clients']; print_r($connections);

This will output the total number of clients connected to the Redis server.

Best Practices

  1. Always check the Redis connection before trying to get information about it. Handle any connection errors appropriately to ensure your application continues to function smoothly even if the Redis server is unavailable.
  2. Don't repeatedly query for this info in short time intervals. It may put unnecessary load on the server.

Common Mistakes

  1. Not handling connection failures: If the Redis server is down or unreachable, methods like info will fail. Always use try-catch blocks to handle such possibilities.
  2. Misinterpreting 'connected_clients': This represents all connections, not just those actively making requests. Idle connections are included as well.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of connections to a Redis server?

A: Yes. The default limit is typically in the thousands (e.g., 10,000), but can be adjusted by changing the maxclients directive in the Redis configuration file.

Q: Can I see the number of connections for each client?

A: No, Redis does not provide a way to see this information directly. The 'connected_clients' info gives the total number of connections, regardless of source.

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