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ZRANK key member

Time complexity: O(log(N))

ACL categories: @read, @sortedset, @fast

Returns the rank of member in the sorted set stored at key, with the scores ordered from low to high. The rank (or index) is 0-based, which means that the member with the lowest score has rank 0.

The optional WITHSCORE argument supplements the command's reply with the score of the element returned.

Use ZREVRANK to get the rank of an element with the scores ordered from high to low.


  • If member exists in the sorted set Integer reply: the rank of member.
  • If member does not exist in the sorted set or key does not exist Bulk string reply: nil.


dragonfly> ZADD myzset 1 "one"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZADD myzset 2 "two"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZADD myzset 3 "three"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZRANK myzset "three"
(integer) 2
dragonfly> ZRANK myzset "four"