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ZREM key member [member ...]

Time complexity: O(M*log(N)) with N being the number of elements in the sorted set and M the number of elements to be removed.

Removes the specified members from the sorted set stored at key. Non existing members are ignored.

An error is returned when key exists and does not hold a sorted set.


Integer reply, specifically:

  • The number of members removed from the sorted set, not including non existing members.


dragonfly> ZADD myzset 1 "one"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZADD myzset 2 "two"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZADD myzset 3 "three"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZREM myzset "two"
(integer) 1
dragonfly> ZRANGE myzset 0 -1 WITHSCORES
1) "one"
2) "1"
3) "three"
4) "3"