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Time complexity: O(log(N)+M) with N being the number of elements in the sorted set and M the number of elements removed by the operation.

When all the elements in a sorted set are inserted with the same score, in order to force lexicographical ordering, this command removes all elements in the sorted set stored at key between the lexicographical range specified by min and max.

The meaning of min and max are the same of the ZRANGEBYLEX command. Similarly, this command actually removes the same elements that ZRANGEBYLEX would return if called with the same min and max arguments.


Integer reply: the number of elements removed.


dragonfly> ZADD myzset 0 aaaa 0 b 0 c 0 d 0 e
(integer) 5
dragonfly> ZADD myzset 0 foo 0 zap 0 zip 0 ALPHA 0 alpha
(integer) 5
dragonfly> ZRANGE myzset 0 -1
1) "ALPHA"
2) "aaaa"
3) "alpha"
4) "b"
5) "c"
6) "d"
7) "e"
8) "foo"
9) "zap"
10) "zip"
dragonfly> ZREMRANGEBYLEX myzset [alpha [omega
(integer) 6
dragonfly> ZRANGE myzset 0 -1
1) "ALPHA"
2) "aaaa"
3) "zap"
4) "zip"