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Cluster Mode

A single Dragonfly instance can achieve the same capacity as a multi node Redis Cluster. In order to help with migrating an application from a Redis Cluster to Dragonfly, Dragonfly can emulate a Redis Cluster.

# Running Dragonfly instance in cluster mode
$ dragonfly --cluster_mode=emulated
$ redis-cli
# See which cluster commands are supported> cluster help

Now you can connect to your Dragonfly instance with a Redis Cluster client, here's a python example:

>>> import redis
>>> r = redis.RedisCluster(host='localhost', port=6379)
>>> r.set('foo', 'bar')
>>> r.get('foo')

Note that your application code may be using a redis client that does not require cluster commands, in this case you don't need to specify the --cluster_mode flag.

In case you need to migrate data from Redis Cluster to Dragonfly you may find Redis Riot helpful.