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Saving Backups

A Dragonfly instance can generate disk backups both automatically and manually. A number of flags influence the behavior of the backup mechanism. The flags can be given through the command line or with a flagfile.

Automatic Backups

Dragonfly can be configured to fo a scheduled backup with the save_schedule flag. In addition, Dragonfly will create a backup on shutdown whenever the dbfilename flag is not empty.

Manual Backups

A backup can be triggered manually with the SAVE command.

Automatic Loading

When a dragonfly instance is started, it will try to find a dump file in its current dir path and will load it automatically. Like automatic backups, this can be disabled by configuring dbfilename with an empty value.


  • dir - A path to the folder where the dump will be saved.
  • df_snapshot_format - Set true to save dump in Dragonfly file format (true by default).
  • dbfilename - The file name to save and load the database. To generate a file with a timestamp, set the macro {timestamp} in the filename, e.g. dump-{timestamp}. The macro will be replaced with a timestamp of the local time in a lexicographically sorted format. The default filename is dump-{timestamp}.
  • save_schedule - Generate snapshots periodically. The argument is a HH:MM format that supports globbing (e.g. 23:45, *:15, *:*)