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Time complexity: O(N) where N is the total number of keys in all databases

ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous

The SAVE commands performs a save of the dataset producing a point in time snapshot of all the data inside the Dragonfly instance, in the form of a set of DFS files.

Use SAVE RDB to save the snapshot in form of an RDB file instead. Please refer to the persistence documentation for detailed information about RDB files.


  • df_snapshot_format - Set true to save dump in Dragonfly file format (true by default).
  • dbfilename - The file name to save and load the database. To generate a file with a timestamp, set the macro {timestamp} in the filename, e.g. dump-{timestamp}. The macro will be replaced with a timestamp of the local time in a lexicographically sorted format. The default filename is dump-{timestamp}.
  • snapshot_cron - Generate snapshots periodically. The argument is a cron format (e.g. 0 0 * * *, */5 * * * *)


Simple string reply: The commands returns OK on success.