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Time complexity: O(N) where N is the number of client connections

ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous, @connection

The CLIENT LIST command returns information and statistics about the client connections server in a mostly human readable format.


Bulk string reply: a unique string, formatted as follows:

  • One client connection per line (separated by LF)
  • Each line is composed of a succession of property=value fields separated by a space character.

Here is the meaning of the fields:

  • id: a unique 64-bit client ID
  • addr: address/port of the client
  • laddr: address/port of local address client connected to (bind address)
  • fd: file descriptor corresponding to the socket
  • name: the name set by the client with CLIENT SETNAME
  • age: total duration of the connection in seconds
  • idle: idle time of the connection in seconds
  • phase: connection state as captured by the "client list" command


New fields are regularly added for debugging purpose. Some could be removed in the future. A version safe client using this command should parse the output accordingly (i.e. handling gracefully missing fields, skipping unknown fields).