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CONFIG SET parameter value

Time complexity: O(1)

ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous

The CONFIG SET command is used in order to reconfigure the server at runtime without the need to restart Dragonfly.

The list of configuration parameters supported by CONFIG SET can be obtained by issuing the CONFIG GET * command, which is the symmetrical command used to obtain information about the configuration of a running Dragonfly instance. See the CONFIG GET documentation for more details.

Note we only support configuring a single parameter at a time.


Simple string reply: OK when the configuration was set properly, error otherwise.


dragonfly> CONFIG SET maxmemory 10gb

dragonfly> CONFIG GET *
1) "maxmemory"
2) "10.00GiB"
3) "tcp_keepalive"
4) "300"
5) "dbnum"
6) "16"
7) "maxclients"
8) "64000"
9) "dir"
10) "./data"
11) "masterauth"
12) ""
13) "requirepass"
14) ""