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CONFIG GET parameter

Time complexity: O(N) when N is the number of configuration parameters provided

ACL categories: @admin, @slow, @dangerous

The CONFIG GET command is used to read the configuration parameters of a running Dragonfly server.

The symmetric command used to alter the configuration at runtime is CONFIG SET.

CONFIG GET takes a single argument, which uses the glob-style pattern. Any configuration parameters matching the pattern are reported as a list of key-value pairs.


Array reply: list of key-value pairs for configuration parameters.


Use the command and glob-style pattern below to read configuration parameters that are prefixed with max.

dragonfly> CONFIG GET max*
1) "maxmemory"
2) "12.11GiB"
3) "maxclients"
4) "64000"

You can also read all the supported configuration parameters by using the * wildcard.

dragonfly> CONFIG GET *
1) "maxmemory"
2) "32.00GiB"
3) "tcp_keepalive"
4) "300"
5) "dbnum"
6) "16"
7) "maxclients"
8) "64000"
9) "dir"
10) "./data"
11) "masterauth"
12) ""
13) "requirepass"
14) ""