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PING [message]

Time complexity: O(1)

ACL categories: @fast, @connection

Returns PONG if no argument is provided, otherwise return a copy of the argument as a bulk. This command is useful for:

  1. Testing whether a connection is still alive.
  2. Verifying the server's ability to serve data - an error is returned when this isn't the case (e.g., during load from persistence or accessing a stale replica).
  3. Measuring latency.

If the client is subscribed to a channel or a pattern, it will instead return a multi-bulk with a "pong" in the first position and an empty bulk in the second position, unless an argument is provided in which case it returns a copy of the argument.


Simple string reply, and specifically PONG, when no argument is provided.

Bulk string reply the argument provided, when applicable.


dragonfly> PING
dragonfly> PING "hello world"
"hello world"