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Dragonfly supports HTTP for certain operations. By default, HTTP can be accessed on the same port as the main TCP port. However, this can be turned off by the command --primary_port_http_enabled=false. Moreover, if --admin_port flag is set it also supports HTTP on admin port.


By default, HTTP does not require authentication. However, if requirepass is set then the HTTP request should authorize with username default and the password will be the value of requirepass.

Note that default should not be confused with the ACL's default user. These two do not always share the exact same password even if requirepass sets the default ACL user password because the vice versa is not true, that is, ACL SETUSER default >newpass will not change the current password specified in requirepass.

Also, if admin_nopass is set, it bypasses the requirepass option on admin port, allowing all requests to that port without any authentication.

Metrics Page

Keep in mind that the /metrics page always bypasses auth. That means that a user can freely view that page without any authentication.