Question: Does Memcached support encryption?


By default, Memcached doesn't support encryption natively. However, there are several ways to encrypt data stored in Memcached.

1. Encrypting data before storing it in Memcached

One way to encrypt data is by encrypting it using an encryption library like OpenSSL and then storing the encrypted data in Memcached. When retrieving the data, decrypt it using the same encryption library.

Here's an example of how to use OpenSSL to encrypt and decrypt data:

import OpenSSL import memcache key = b"my_secret_key" value = b"My secret value" # Encrypt the value cipher = OpenSSL.crypto.Cipher(alg="aes_256_cbc", key=key, iv=b"0") encrypted_value = cipher.update(value) + # Store the encrypted value in Memcached mc = memcache.Client([""]) mc.set("my_key", encrypted_value) # Retrieve the encrypted value from Memcached and decrypt it encrypted_value = mc.get("my_key") cipher = OpenSSL.crypto.Cipher(alg="aes_256_cbc", key=key, iv=b"0", op=OpenSSL.crypto.DECRYPT_MODE) decrypted_value = cipher.update(encrypted_value) +

2. Using a proxy server

Another way to encrypt data is by using a proxy server like Stunnel or Nginx, which can act as an SSL/TLS termination point for Memcached clients. The proxy server can encrypt the data sent from the client to the server and vice versa.

Here's an example of how to set up Stunnel to encrypt data for Memcached:

  1. Install Stunnel: apt-get install stunnel4

  2. Create a new configuration file /etc/stunnel/memcached.conf with the following contents:

    client = yes
    accept =
    connect =
  3. Start Stunnel: service stunnel4 start

  4. Configure your Memcached client to use the encrypted port 11212 instead of the default port 11211.

Note that using encryption can increase the CPU overhead of your Memcached server and reduce performance. Therefore, it's important to benchmark your system and adjust your configuration accordingly.

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