Question: Does Redis charge for its enterprise use?


Yes, Redis does charge for its enterprise version which is known as Redis Enterprise. It's a robust, in-memory database platform built by the people who develop open-source Redis. It provides enhanced features like linear scaling, active-active geo-distribution, and robust security compared to the open-source version.

Redis Enterprise comes with multiple pricing tiers, including flexible plans designed to meet different business needs. Each plan offers different levels of service, support, and additional features.

The exact cost often depends on factors such as:

  • The number of shards or nodes you require.
  • The level of support needed.
  • Whether it's hosted in the cloud or on-premises.

You can contact Redis Labs directly or visit their official website for more detailed and accurate pricing information.

Please note that while Redis, the open-source project, is free to use, Redis Enterprise is a separate commercial offering. You should carefully evaluate your business needs and budget before deciding whether to opt for the Enterprise solution.

For more details about the Redis Enterprise, please refer to their official page.

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