Question: How can I manage lists in GameMaker code?


In GameMaker, managing lists is done through the use of specific functions that handle list creation, modification, and destruction. A list in GameMaker is a data structure that can store an ordered collection of values.

Here's an example on how to create a list, add some values, retrieve them, and finally clean up by deleting the list when it's no longer needed:

// Create a new list var my_list; my_list = ds_list_create(); // Add some values to the list ds_list_add(my_list, "Apple"); ds_list_add(my_list, "Banana"); ds_list_add(my_list, "Cherry"); // Retrieve values from the list using accessors or ds_list_find_value() var first_item = my_list[| 0]; // Apple var second_item = ds_list_find_value(my_list, 1); // Banana // You can also change the value at a specific index my_list[| 2] = "Blueberry"; // Loop through the list items for (var i = 0; i < ds_list_size(my_list); i++) { var fruit = my_list[| i]; // Do something with fruit } // Once you're done with the list, make sure to free the memory ds_list_destroy(my_list);

The above code snippet demonstrates basic operations such as creating a list (ds_list_create), adding elements to it (ds_list_add), retrieving elements (ds_list_find_value or by using the accessor [| i] where i is the index), modifying elements directly with the accessor, iterating over the list, and cleaning up memory with ds_list_destroy.

When working with lists in GameMaker, ensure that you manage memory appropriately by destroying any lists you create once you're finished with them to prevent memory leaks.

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