Question: How do you create a new room in GameMaker?


Creating a new room in GameMaker can be done both programmatically and through the GameMaker Studio IDE. Here is how to do it in both ways:

Using GameMaker Studio IDE:

  1. Open your project in GameMaker Studio.
  2. In the Resource Tree, right-click on the "Rooms" folder.
  3. Select "Create Room". This will open a new tab where you can set properties for your room.

Programmatically Creating a Room:

To create a room dynamically during runtime, you can use GML (GameMaker Language). However, there is no direct way to create an entirely new room from scratch during runtime. Instead, you can create multiple rooms in the IDE and then switch between them or modify existing rooms at runtime.

Here's an example of how to switch to another room:

if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)) { room_goto_next(); // This function changes the current room to the next one in the resource tree. }

And here's an example of how you can modify some aspects of a room at runtime (you can't create a completely new room this way, only alter properties of an existing one):

// Change the background color of the current room room_set_background_color(room, c_red, true); // You can also change other properties like room size room_width[room] = 640; room_height[room] = 480;

If you're looking to generate rooms with varying content, you may want to look into using data structures or arrays to hold room data and apply that data to an existing room when you need to 'create' a new one.

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