Question: How do you use the is_array function in GameMaker?


In GameMaker, the is_array function is used to determine if a given variable is an array. It's a simple check that returns true if the variable is indeed an array, and false otherwise.

Here's how you can use the is_array function:

// Define a variable var myVariable; // Assign an array to the variable myVariable = [1, 2, 3, 4]; // Check if 'myVariable' is an array if (is_array(myVariable)) { // This code will run because 'myVariable' is an array show_debug_message("The variable is an array."); } else { // This code will not run show_debug_message("The variable is not an array."); }

Be aware that is_array will only return true for variables that are explicitly arrays. GameMaker also supports other data structures like DS lists, maps, etc., and is_array will return false for those even if they are collection types.

Using is_array can be very important when writing scripts that accept various types of arguments, or when you are unsure about the type of a certain dynamic variable at runtime. Proper type checking with functions like is_array helps prevent errors and bugs related to incorrect type assumptions.

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