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Question: How can you install and configure Redis Enterprise on OpenShift?


To install and configure Redis Enterprise on OpenShift, you could use the Operator Framework. The Redis Enterprise Operator provides a simple way to deploy and manage your Redis Enterprise Cluster in an OpenShift environment.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Prerequisites Ensure that you have an OpenShift cluster running with adequate resources, and you are logged into the cluster via 'oc' command line tool.

  2. Install the Redis Enterprise Operator

    First, create a new project where the operator will be installed:

    oc new-project redis-enterprise

    Then, apply the operator bundle YAML:

    oc apply -f bundle.yaml
  3. Configure the Redis Enterprise Cluster

    After the Operator is installed, you can create a Redis Enterprise Cluster. Apply the following YAML to do so:

    apiVersion: kind: RedisEnterpriseCluster metadata: name: redis-enterprise spec: nodes: 3

    Save this content to a rec.yaml file, then apply the configuration:

    oc apply -f rec.yaml
  4. Create a database

    Create a Redis database using the RedisEnterpriseDatabase custom resource:

    apiVersion: kind: RedisEnterpriseDatabase metadata: name: sample-db spec: memory: 100MB

    Save it as redb.yaml and run:

    oc apply -f redb.yaml

This process bootstraps a three-node Redis Enterprise cluster using the Operator. It also creates a sample database. You can interact with this database using a Redis client after retrieving the service details with oc get svc.

Please note that the above are generic examples. You need to adjust these according to your specific requirements and OpenShift setup.

Reference documentation for more details.

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