Question: How can you monitor Redis Enterprise Cloud?


Monitoring Redis Enterprise Cloud is important for understanding the performance and behavior of your database, identifying issues quickly, and optimizing operations. You can check out metrics about memory usage, client connections, cache hit rates, operation durations etc.

Two primary methods to monitor Redis Enterprise Cloud are:

  1. Redis Enterprise Cluster Manager
  2. Using third-party monitoring tools like Datadog, Prometheus, or Grafana

Redis Enterprise Cluster Manager

The Redis Enterprise Software comes with a built-in web-based management user interface, known as the Redis Enterprise Cluster Manager. This provides key metrics and alerts about your databases' health and performance.

You can access it via <cluster-FQDN>:8443.

Here, you will find charts displaying various metrics like throughput (ops/sec), latency, data size, and more.

Third Party Monitoring Tools

You can also use dedicated monitoring tools that offer in-depth insights and alerting features.


Datadog integrates well with Redis. Here's a simple way to setup Datadog for Redis:

# Install the Datadog agent on your machine sudo DD_AGENT_MAJOR_VERSION=7 DD_API_KEY=<YOUR_DATADOG_API_KEY> bash -c "$(curl -L" # Configure the agent to connect to Redis echo 'init_config: instances: - host: localhost port: 6379' > /etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/redisdb.d/conf.yaml # Restart the agent service datadog-agent restart

Prometheus and Grafana

Another approach is using Prometheus for metric collection and Grafana for visualization. Both work together seamlessly.

Here's an example of configuring Redis exporter for Prometheus:

  1. Download and run Redis exporter:
wget tar xvfz redis_exporter-v1.X.X.linux-amd64.tar.gz ./redis_exporter
  1. Next, add a new target to your prometheus.yml configuration file:
scrape_configs: - job_name: 'redis' static_configs: - targets: ['<REDIS_HOST>:<REDIS_PORT>']

Finally, you can use Grafana to create dashboards using the collected metrics.

Remember to select appropriate monitoring tools based on your project need, team skillset, and operational constraints. Be sure to set up alerting, so you can take proactive measures when critical metrics exceed certain thresholds.

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