Question: How to Query Redis?


To query Redis, you can use various Redis commands based on the data type you're working with. Here are some common data types in Redis and their respective querying commands:


Use the GET command to retrieve the value of a key.

GET key_name


Use HGET to get the value associated with a specific field in a hash.

HGET hash_name field_name

If you want to fetch all fields and their values, use the HGETALL command.

HGETALL hash_name


To get elements from a list, use the LRANGE command along with the start and end indexes.

LRANGE list_name start_index end_index


Use the SMEMBERS command to retrieve all members in a set.

SMEMBERS set_name

Sorted Sets

Retrieve members within a range of scores using the ZRANGE command.

ZRANGE sorted_set_name min_score max_score [WITHSCORES]

Replace min_score and max_score with the desired score range. Add the optional [WITHSCORES] argument to include the member scores in the result.

These are just a few examples of Redis commands for querying data. You can find a comprehensive list of commands in the Redis documentation.

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