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Question: How can you restart a Redis Enterprise cluster?


To restart a Redis Enterprise cluster, the command is different based on whether you have a single-node or a multi-node setup.

Please note that restarting your cluster may cause a brief interruption in service.

For Single Node

In the case of a single node, you can restart it using the service command-line utility provided by Redis Enterprise. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Access the terminal on your Redis Enterprise server.
  2. Enter the following command:
sudo service redislabs restart

This will prompt you for confirmation before restarting your server.

Be aware that this command will stop all databases and the cluster processes which means all data will be lost unless you have persistence enabled.

For Multiple Nodes

With a multi-node setup, you should ideally restart each node one at a time to minimize service disruption. To restart an individual node:

  1. Access the terminal on the specific Redis Enterprise node.
  2. Use the service command like so:
sudo service redislabs restart

Before running these commands, make sure you understand their implications. Always ensure your data is securely backed up before performing any maintenance tasks that could potentially disrupt service.

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