Question: Is Redis Enterprise Operator free to use?


Yes, Redis Enterprise Operator is free to use. It's an extension of Kubernetes (K8s) that lets you manage the lifecycle of your Redis Enterprise deployments.

However, while the operator itself is open-source and free, it controls the Redis Enterprise Cluster, which is not free.

Here is a basic example of how you can deploy Redis Enterprise Operator on Kubernetes:

apiVersion: kind: RedisEnterpriseCluster metadata: name: redis-enterprise spec: nodes: 3 version: "6.0.12-57" uiServiceType: LoadBalancer

This YAML declaration will create a Redis Enterprise Cluster with 3 nodes. The version field denotes the version of Redis Enterprise software, and the uiServiceType: LoadBalancer ensures that a load balancer service is created for external access to the cluster management interface.

You need to apply this configuration to your kubernetes cluster using kubectl command:

kubectl apply -f my_redis_cluster.yaml

Remember, while the Operator is free, a Redis Enterprise subscription comes at a cost. Please refer to the Redis Labs Pricing page for additional details.

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