Question: How can I track the status of a job in BullMQ?


In BullMQ, you can check the status of a job by using its getState method. This will return the current state of the job in the queue.

const Queue = require('bullmq').Queue; const queue = new Queue('my-queue'); async function getJobStatus(jobId) { const job = await queue.getJob(jobId); if (job === null) { console.log('No job found with id ' + jobId); } else { const state = await job.getState(); console.log('Job state is: ' + state); } } getJobStatus('some-job-id');

In this example, getJobStatus function takes a jobId as an argument and retrieves the job from the queue. If the job exists, it gets the job's state using getState(). The potential states of a job in BullMQ are: completed, failed, delayed, active, waiting, paused, or stuck.

Please note that getJobStatus is an asynchronous operation because it needs to communicate with the Redis server where your jobs are stored. Therefore, it should be used inside an async function or handled with promise-based syntax.

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