Question: What is ElastiCache Redis?


Amazon ElastiCache is a fully-managed web service that provides an in-memory cache service to support high-performance, scalable applications. ElastiCache supports two popular open-source in-memory caching engines: Memcached and Redis.

Redis is an open-source in-memory key-value data store that can be used as a database, cache, message broker, and queue. Redis is known for its versatility, performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

ElastiCache Redis is a fully-managed, highly available, and scalable in-memory data store service provided by AWS that is compatible with Redis. It enables users to easily deploy and operate a Redis cluster in the cloud without worrying about infrastructure management tasks such as patching, scaling, and backups.

ElastiCache Redis provides several features including:

  • Multi-AZ with automatic failover: ElastiCache Redis clusters can be deployed across multiple Availability Zones (AZs) to provide high availability and automatic failover in case of a primary node failure.
  • Read replicas: ElastiCache Redis allows you to create up to 5 read replicas for your cluster to offload read traffic from the primary node and improve read throughput.
  • Backup and restore: ElastiCache Redis provides automated daily backups of your cluster that can be used to restore your data in case of accidental deletion or corruption.
  • Security: ElastiCache Redis integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to your cluster, and it supports encryption of data at rest using the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Here's an example of how to create a Redis cluster using the AWS CLI:

aws elasticache create-cache-cluster \
    --cache-cluster-id my-redis-cluster \
    --engine redis \
    --cache-node-type cache.t2.micro \
    --num-cache-nodes 1 \
    --preferred-availability-zones us-east-1a \
    --cache-subnet-group-name my-cache-subnet-group \
    --security-group-ids sg-12345678 \
    --tags Key=Environment,Value=Production

This command creates a Redis cluster with one node of type cache.t2.micro in the us-east-1a Availability Zone, using the specified cache subnet group and security group. You can use the ElastiCache console or the AWS CLI to perform many other operations on your Redis cluster, such as scaling it up or down, adding or removing nodes, modifying its configuration parameters, and monitoring its performance metrics.

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