Question: Where is memcached-tool?


memcached-tool is a command-line utility that comes with the Memcached package. It provides various statistics and information about a running Memcached instance, such as the number of active connections, cache hit rates, and memory usage.

To use memcached-tool, you need to have Memcached installed on your system first. The location of memcached-tool may vary depending on your operating system and how you installed Memcached.

On Linux systems, memcached-tool is usually installed along with the Memcached service. You can check if memcached-tool is available by running the following command:

which memcached-tool

If memcached-tool is installed, this command will output the path to the executable. For example:


If memcached-tool is not installed, you can usually install it using your distribution's package manager. For example, on Ubuntu or Debian-based systems, you can install memcached-tool by running:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libmemcached-tools

Once installed, you can use memcached-tool to monitor and manage your Memcached instance. Here are some examples of commands you can run:

  • To get general statistics about the running Memcached instance:

    memcached-tool <memcached-host>:<memcached-port> stats
  • To get detailed statistics for a specific Memcached key:

    memcached-tool <memcached-host>:<memcached-port> dump <key>
  • To view the contents of the entire Memcached cache:

    memcached-tool <memcached-host>:<memcached-port> dump

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