Getting All Hash Keys Using Redis in Python (Detailed Guide w/ Code Examples)

Use Case(s)

Commonly, Redis is used for caching and message passing, but its data structures make it useful for more complex use cases as well. One such instance is when you have a hash object in Redis, and you want to retrieve all keys from that hash, which can be useful when the keys are dynamic and not known beforehand.

Code Examples

In Python, with redis-py library, hashes in Redis can be interacted with much like standard Python dicts:

import redis r = redis.Redis() # Assuming you have a hash named 'myhash' all_keys = r.hkeys('myhash') print(all_keys)

This will output all the keys of the hash 'myhash'. Keep in mind that the keys are returned as bytes in Python 3, so you might need to decode them to get strings:

all_keys = [key.decode('utf-8') for key in r.hkeys('myhash')] print(all_keys)

Best Practices

  1. It's common practice to handle Redis operations within exception blocks to manage any connection issues or errors while executing commands.
  2. When dealing with large amounts of data, keep an eye on memory usage and performance times. Redis operations are usually fast, but significant amounts of data could potentially slow down your applications.

Common Mistakes

  1. Not closing the connection after using it. It's important to close the connection when you're done with it to avoid maxing out connection limits.
  2. Using inappropriate data structures. Redis offers numerous data structures (like lists, sets, sorted sets etc.) in addition to hashes. Choosing the right one is critical for efficient data manipulation.


  1. Are keys in Redis hash unique? Yes, much like a Python dictionary, keys in a Redis hash are unique.
  2. How do I delete a key from a Redis hash? You can use the hdel() function. For example: r.hdel('myhash', 'key_to_delete')
  3. Are Redis commands case sensitive? Yes, Redis commands are case sensitive. It's important to use the correct case when issuing commands.

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