Error: cannot connect to redis-server at specified address

What's Causing This Error

The error "cannot connect to Redis-server at specified address" typically occurs when your application is unable to establish a connection with the Redis server. There are several possible causes for this issue: 1) The Redis server might not be running or could have crashed; 2) Network issues, such as incorrect IP addresses or port numbers, blocked ports, or firewall restrictions may be preventing the connection; 3) The Redis configuration file might contain an outdated or invalid address or settings; 4) Incorrect client-side configurations, like incorrect URLs or faulty client libraries, could also be causing the problem.

Solution - Here's How To Resolve It

To resolve the "cannot connect to Redis-server at specified address" error, follow these steps: 1) Check if the Redis server is running by using a command like redis-cli ping or redis-server --version. If it's not running, start the server or troubleshoot crashing issues; 2) Verify the correctness of the IP address and port number in your configuration files and ensure they match the values in the Redis server's configuration; 3) Check your network and firewalls settings to ensure that connections to the Redis server aren't being blocked or restricted; 4) Review your client-side configurations, including URL and library usage, to confirm their accuracy. If none of these solutions work, consult the documentation or reach out to the Redis community for further assistance.

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