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Question: Can Godot make 3D games?


Yes, Godot can make 3D games. The Godot Engine is a versatile game development platform that supports both 2D and 3D game creation. It comes with a fully-fledged 3D engine that has a wide range of features to create complex and visually appealing 3D games.

In Godot, 3D games are made using the Spatial node as the root for 3D scenes. This node serves as an entry point for 3D functionality in the engine. Here's a brief overview of how you could set up a simple 3D scene:

  1. Starting with a 3D Scene: When creating a new scene in Godot, choose "3D Scene" which automatically creates a Spatial node at the root.
# This code would be the equivalent GDScript for a manually created Spatial node. var root_node = add_child(root_node)
  1. Adding 3D Objects: To add 3D objects, you use MeshInstance nodes. You can import 3D models from external software or use primitive meshes that Godot provides.
var mesh_instance = mesh_instance.mesh = preload("res://path_to_your_mesh.tres") root_node.add_child(mesh_instance)
  1. Setting Up Cameras and Lights: For the scene to be visible, you'll need to add a Camera node, and various Light nodes (like DirectionalLight or PointLight) to illuminate the scene.
var camera = root_node.add_child(camera) var light = root_node.add_child(light)
  1. Physics and Movement: For movement and collision detection, RigidBody, StaticBody, and KinematicBody nodes can be used along with their respective collision shapes.

  2. Scripts for Interaction: In order to make the scene interactive, you attach scripts to the nodes. Scripts can be written in GDScript, VisualScript, or C#.

extends Spatial func _ready(): # Code that gets run when the node is added to the scene for the first time. pass func _process(delta): # Your game logic goes here, executed every frame. pass
  1. Materials and Shaders: Godot provides a robust system for materials and shaders, allowing you to enhance the visual quality of your game with effects like reflections, transparency, and custom rendering effects.

  2. Scene Tree and Organization: As with any game in Godot, organizing your nodes in a logical hierarchy is key for keeping your project manageable.

The above steps are a simplified look at setting up a 3D scene in Godot. Real-world projects will involve more detailed steps such as animation, UI integration, audio management, and optimization techniques specifically for 3D environments.

Godot also has a friendly community and rich documentation that can help both beginners and experienced developers make the most out of its features for 3D game development.

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