Question: Can RPG Maker make multiplayer games?


RPG Maker is primarily designed for the creation of single-player role-playing games. However, with the use of scripting (through Ruby in older versions like RPG Maker VX Ace or JavaScript in newer ones like RPG Maker MV and MZ), it is possible to create multiplayer functionality, though this is neither a simple nor a native feature of the software.

For a successful multiplayer implementation, you would need to:

  1. Handle Network Communication: You would need scripts or plugins that can send and receive data between different game clients and a server.
  2. Synchronize Game States: Ensure that all players see the same game state by syncing events, character positions, etc.
  3. Manage Player Interactions: Allow players to interact with each other through trading, chatting, or combat.

Here's an example of what the basic structure of a multiplayer plugin could look like in JavaScript for RPG Maker MV or MZ (note that this is purely illustrative and non-functional):

(function() { var network = require('your-network-module'); // Hypothetical external module function connectToServer() { network.connect('', function(connected) { if (connected) { console.log("Connected to the server!"); initializeMultiplayerListeners(); } else { console.error("Failed to connect to the server."); } }); } function initializeMultiplayerListeners() { network.on('player-move', function(data) { // Code to move another player's character on your screen }); network.on('chat-message', function(data) { // Code to display a chat message from another player }); // Additional events like 'player-join', 'player-leave', 'trade-request', etc. } connectToServer(); })();

Creating a multiplayer game in RPG Maker is a complex process and usually requires networking knowledge beyond basic game development. It's also important to consider performance, security issues, and the additional work in server maintenance and moderation.

Mostly, developers who want multiplayer functionality tend to choose game engines specifically built with networking in mind, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. Nevertheless, if one wishes to experiment or implement a small-scale multiplayer experience, RPG Maker's scripting capabilities do allow for this kind of advanced customization.

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