Question: Does GameMaker take royalties from games published using its engine?


GameMaker does not take royalties from sales or revenue made from games developed using their software. When you purchase a license for GameMaker Studio, you are free to publish your games without owing any additional payments to YoYo Games (the company behind GameMaker) based on the success or earnings of your game.

However, it is essential to choose the correct license when you purchase GameMaker Studio, as different licenses have different terms and conditions. For example, there may be limitations if you are using a free version or a version dedicated to educational purposes. The commercial licenses typically allow for full revenue generation without any royalty fees.

The specific terms and licenses available can change, so it is always best to review the current GameMaker Studio licensing agreement or contact YoYo Games directly for the most up-to-date information before making decisions for commercial game development.

Here is an example structure of how GameMaker licensing might look:

- Free License: For learning or hobbyist development, may have restrictions on commercial use. - Indie License: Aimed at independent developers, usually with no royalty fee but with an upfront cost. - Professional License: For professional developers, higher upfront cost, no royalty fee. - Enterprise License: For larger studios, includes more features and support, no royalty fee.

Keep in mind that while GameMaker itself may not take royalties, other platforms where you sell your game, like Steam, App Store, Google Play, etc., will typically take a percentage of the sales as part of their distribution services. This is separate from any obligations you have to GameMaker/YoYo Games.

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