Question: Does Godot have a watermark?


No, Godot Engine does not inherently embed a watermark into games or projects created using its platform. As an open-source game engine, Godot is designed to allow developers full freedom over their creations, without imposing branding or watermarks of any kind.

However, if you wish to add a custom watermark to your project within Godot for branding or other purposes, you would have to manually create and implement it. Here's a simple example of how you might overlay a watermark on your game's UI:

  1. First, prepare your watermark image.
  2. In the Godot editor, add a TextureRect node to your scene where you want the watermark to appear.
  3. In the TextureRect properties, load your watermark image as the texture.
  4. Set the expand property to true and adjust the rect_min_size to control the size of the watermark.
  5. Position the TextureRect as needed, typically in one of the corners of the screen.
  6. If you want the watermark to be semi-transparent, you can reduce the modulate property's alpha value.

Here's a code snippet for creating a watermark programmatically:

var watermark = watermark.texture = preload("res://path_to_your_watermark.png") watermark.expand = true watermark.rect_min_size = Vector2(100, 100) # Set the desired size watermark.modulate = Color(1, 1, 1, 0.5) # Set to semi-transparent add_child(watermark)

This script creates a new TextureRect, assigns a texture to it, sets it to expand, adjusts its minimum size, makes it semi-transparent, and finally adds it to the current node tree (assuming this script is attached to a node that is part of the tree). Adjust the preload path to match where your watermark image is located within your project. Also, tailor the position, size, and transparency according to your needs.

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