Question: Does Godot take a cut of game revenues?


No, Godot does not take a cut of game revenues. The Godot Engine is an open-source game development platform released under the MIT license, which means it allows for free use, distribution, and modification without any requirement for royalty payments or revenue sharing. Developers can create games using Godot and publish them, keeping all the profits they make.

The development team relies on donations and third-party grants to fund the continued development and improvement of the engine. If you find Godot useful and want to support its development, consider donating to the project through their official website or by contributing to the codebase if you're able.

For instance, here's how simple it is to get started with Godot:

# A simple Godot script attached to a node extends Node2D func _ready(): # Code executed when the node is ready print("Welcome to Godot Engine!")

Above is a basic GDScript example showing how to execute code when a node enters the scene tree. When creating your game, there are no hidden fees or obligations to share revenue generated from your projects created with Godot.

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