Question: Does Godot work on Mac?


Yes, Godot works on macOS. It is a cross-platform game engine that supports macOS for both the editor and the exported games. To run the Godot editor on a Mac, you need to download the appropriate version from the official Godot website.

Here are the general steps to install and run Godot on macOS:

  1. Go to Godot's download page.
  2. Download the latest stable version for macOS. There usually are two versions: standard and Mono version (for C# support).
  3. Unzip the downloaded file.
  4. Move the Godot app to your Applications folder.
  5. Open Godot by double-clicking on it.

Due to macOS security features, you may need to allow the application to run through the "Security & Privacy" settings in the "System Preferences" panel.

For exporting games to macOS, you will also have to download export templates via the Godot editor or from the website. When exporting projects, you can create .app bundles that can be distributed and run on other Mac computers.

Here's a small example of how to export a project using GDScript:

# Assume you have set up the export presets within the editor. # This code would be part of a tool script running inside the editor. func export_project_for_mac(): var export_presets = Engine.get_singleton("EditorExport") # Assumes 'Mac' is the name of the preset configured for exporting to Mac. var preset = export_presets.get_preset_by_name("Mac") # Set the path where the exported project will be saved. var export_path = "user://exports/" # Start the export process. var result = export_presets.export_project(preset, export_path, false) if result == OK: print("Project exported successfully!") else: print("Failed to export project.")

Make sure you've correctly configured the export paths and options in the Godot editor before attempting to export using scripts.

Godot's performance and features on macOS should be comparable to its operation on other platforms. However, always ensure you're using a macOS version that's supported by the Godot version you're working with, as newer versions of Godot might drop support for older operating systems.

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