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Question: How do you use the clamp function in GameMaker?


The clamp function in GameMaker is used to restrict a value to a certain range, defined by a minimum and maximum limit. Here's how it works and how you can use it in your GameMaker projects:


clamp(value, min, max)
  • value is the number you want to constrain.
  • min is the minimum value that value is allowed to be.
  • max is the maximum value that value is allowed to be.

If value is less than min, clamp will return min. If value is greater than max, clamp will return max. Otherwise, it will return value unchanged.

Example usage:

Imagine you have a health variable for a player, and you want to ensure that it stays within 0 and 100. You could use clamp like this:

player_health = clamp(player_health, 0, 100);

This ensures that player_health cannot go below 0 or above 100.

Practical Application:

Suppose you're controlling the position of an object and want to keep it on-screen. If your game's display width is 800 pixels, you could use clamp to keep the x-position of the object within the screen bounds like so:

object.x = clamp(object.x, 0, 800);

This would prevent the object from moving off the screen horizontally.

Using clamp is a very efficient way to manage variables that have a specific allowed range, and it helps maintain the integrity of the game state by preventing invalid values.

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