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Question: How do I delete a project in GameMaker?


To delete a project in GameMaker, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Project File: First, open GameMaker and locate the project you want to delete. If it's not listed in the "Recent Projects" on the start page, you will need to browse for the project file on your computer.

  2. Close GameMaker (Optional): It is generally a good practice to close GameMaker when you're about to delete a project to avoid any potential errors, although this is not strictly necessary if the project is not currently open.

  3. Navigate to the Project Folder: Use File Explorer (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac) to navigate to the directory where your GameMaker project is stored. GameMaker projects typically have the extension .yyp and are often contained within a folder that has all of the project’s assets and files.

  4. Delete the Project Folder: Once you've located the folder, you can delete it by right-clicking (or using the equivalent command on your system) and selecting "Delete" or by dragging it to the recycle bin/trash.

  5. Empty the Recycle Bin/Trash (Optional): For complete removal, you may also want to empty the recycle bin or trash to ensure that the project files are permanently deleted from your system.

Please note that deleting a project is irreversible once you empty the trash or recycle bin. Before proceeding with deletion, make sure you have backed up any data you may need later.

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