Question: How do you draw text in GameMaker?


In GameMaker, you can draw text on the screen using the draw_text function. This function is typically used within the draw event of an object. The syntax for draw_text is as follows:

draw_text(x, y, string);

Where x and y are the coordinates for where you want the text to begin, and string is the text that you want to draw. Here is a basic example:

// Draw the string "Hello, World!" at position (100, 50) draw_text(100, 50, "Hello, World!");

Additionally, if you want to customize the appearance of your text, you can use functions like draw_set_font, draw_set_color, and draw_set_halign before calling draw_text. For example:

// Set the font to my_custom_font draw_set_font(my_custom_font); // Set the text color to red draw_set_color(c_red); // Align the text to the center draw_set_halign(fa_center); // Now draw the text with the above settings draw_text(room_width / 2, room_height / 2, "Centered Red Text");

Remember to reset any drawing settings such as color or alignment if they are no longer needed after drawing your text, to avoid affecting other parts of your game's graphics.

// Reset color to white draw_set_color(c_white); // Reset horizontal alignment to left draw_set_halign(fa_left);

These are the basics for drawing text in GameMaker. You can further explore additional functions like draw_text_ext for word wrapping, draw_text_transformed for scaled or rotated text, and many more text-related drawing functions that GameMaker offers.

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