Question: How do you use physics in GameMaker Studio?


GameMaker Studio offers a built-in physics engine that allows you to add realistic physical behavior to the objects in your game. Here’s how you can use physics in GameMaker Studio:

  1. Enable the Physics World: Before using any physics functions, you need to enable the physics world for your room.
// Create Event of a controller object or Room Creation Code physics_start();
  1. Set Global Physics Properties: You should set up global properties like gravity and meters per pixel.
// Set gravity in the room (x, y) physics_world_gravity(0, 10); // Set the scale for 1 meter to be 100 pixels physics_world_scale(100);
  1. Create Physics Objects: Make your objects participate in the physics simulation by defining their collision shapes, density, friction, and restitution.
// Object's Create Event // Define the object as a dynamic body phy_body_mode = phy_body_dynamic; // or phy_body_static for non-moving objects // Add a fixture to the instance with a box shape var fix = physics_fixture_create(); physics_fixture_set_box_shape(fix, sprite_width/2, sprite_height/2); physics_fixture_set_density(fix, 0.5); physics_fixture_set_friction(fix, 0.3); physics_fixture_set_restitution(fix, 0.5); physics_fixture_bind(fix, id); physics_fixture_delete(fix);
  1. Control Physics Objects: Use forces, impulses, or direct velocity changes to control your physics objects.
// Step Event of a physics object // Apply a force to move an object physics_apply_force(x, y, force_x, force_y); // Apply an impulse to instantly change an object’s velocity physics_apply_impulse(x, y, impulse_x, impulse_y); // Directly change velocity phy_speed_x = 10; phy_speed_y = -5;
  1. Handling Collisions: When two physics-enabled objects collide, you can handle it using the collision event just like any other object collision in GameMaker.

  2. Debugging: GameMaker provides physics debug drawing to help visualize what is happening in the physics world.

// Draw Event of a controller object (for debugging purposes) physics_draw_debug();
  1. Optimizations: To optimize performance, deactivate objects when not needed and consider the complexity of collisions shapes.

Remember to read through the GameMaker manual regarding the Box2D physics system, as there are many nuances to handling physics simulations correctly. Also, keep in mind that enabling the physics system can impact the performance of your game, so only use it when necessary.

Implementing physics in GameMaker Studio requires careful planning and a good understanding of both the GameMaker language (GML) and basic physics concepts.

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