Question: What is room speed in GameMaker?


In GameMaker, "room speed" refers to how many times the game updates per second. This term is synonymous with frames per second (FPS) and affects not just how smooth the game appears to be running but also how your game logic is processed.

Here's an example of how you might see room speed mentioned in GameMaker's GML (GameMaker Language):

// Set the room speed to 60 frames per second room_speed = 60;

By setting room_speed to 60, you're telling GameMaker that you want your game to update 60 times every second. If you were to set room_speed to 30, the game would update less frequently.

It's important to balance room speed to ensure your game runs smoothly on your target hardware while maintaining consistent game mechanics. A higher room speed can make a game appear smoother but may also require more processing power, which might not be suitable for all devices or could lead to inconsistent gameplay experience on lower-end systems.

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