Question: What platforms can Godot export games to?


Godot Engine can export games to a wide array of platforms. Below is a list of these platforms along with brief instructions or notes where necessary:

Desktop Platforms

  • Windows: You can export your game as an executable (.exe) for Windows.
  • macOS: You can create a .app package for macOS.
  • Linux/X11: You can export a binary that runs on Linux.

For exporting to desktop platforms, you generally need to download the export templates from within Godot or directly from the Godot website.

Mobile Platforms

  • Android: APK files can be generated after setting up the Android SDK and NDK paths in the editor settings. Additionally, you must create a debug.keystore or use a release keystore for signing your app.

    # Example of setting up the Android export preset via script var export_preset = export_preset.platform = 'Android' export_preset.runnable = true = 'My Android Preset'
  • iOS: The export process generates an Xcode project that you can then deploy to an iOS device or submit to the App Store.

Web Platforms

  • HTML5/WebGL: You can export your game to be played on web browsers through HTML5 and WebGL technology. This is done by creating an .html file alongside assets and JavaScript code that run in most modern web browsers.

Consoles (limited support)

Exporting to consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch is possible but typically requires additional third-party exporters due to licensing restrictions and specialized development kits. Developers usually need to partner with console manufacturers and obtain licenses to develop and release games on these platforms.


Godot also supports exporting to various other platforms, depending on community contributions and third-party tools. This includes but isn't limited to:

  • UWP (Universal Windows Platform) for Windows 10 devices.

Keep in mind that for any form of export, you may need to install specific export templates and meet additional requirements like SDKs or certifications depending on the platform.

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